The Artists

The Artists

What is it about this horseshoe shaped bay that entrances so many people? La Herradura has
always attracted more than its fair share of artists, musicians, writers and other creative souls.
Cheers -Renate van Nijen -big picsWhether they were born here, or travelled to this horseshoe shaped bay from across the globe, there seems to be a certain energy in this Spanish seaside village that welcomes, inspires and nurtures individual creativity and self-expression. But what exactly is it that inspires people and makes them want to come back or even live here?
Was it the magic of this almost Feng Shui perfect jewel in the bay, where the sea kisses the mountains and the mountains embrace the sea? This mystical village seems to call out to sensitive souls from far and wide.
In order to lift a veil of the artists and their La Herradura related stories you can click on a
photo below but if you would like to know the full story you can read it in the book Reflections from La Herradura which you can purchase here. (english) and here  (spanish)
When you click on a photo below you will go to a short article about that specific artist who has fallen in love with the village.

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The Artists

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The Village

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