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Lifestyle improvement with VuestraCasa

kitchen vuestracasa 1Whether you’re completely renovating an old property or just needing a new kitchen, home improvements can be a challenge. Who do you chose, where do you go? How do you know you will not end up on a television programme where everything has gone wrong? We all know the stories!

A new kitchen or a renovated house will improve your lifestyle so it pays to make sure you get good advice from someone who can help you find what is right for vuestra casa 2

One of the advantages of having to get some work done in a small village is that people know each other and many people have had the privilege to get to know Nico Spalt, who is the passionate owner of VuestraCasa.

Born in Germany but a long-time resident of La Herradura, Nico brings you typical German thoroughness with an honest, easy going attitude. He will try to find the best solution for you, one that will reflect your taste, your style and, most important, your budget.

Discussing a potential large renovation project recently, Nico asked the client: “Would you actually use a microwavevuestra Casa image from website if you had one? “The client’s response was: “No I don’t like microwaves”, so Nico asked: “Why have one in your kitchen, then? You ‘ll not only save money leaving it out, but you will also have more storage space”. It’s this kind of consideration and honesty that makes Nico special.

And it’s excellent quality, very skilled labourers and a good eye for what you might not have thought of yourself, that makes VuestraCasa special.

You can find VuestraCasa in Calle Eucaliptus No 3. Feel free to walk in for a chat and some good advice.


2016-04-27 13.04.20Nico Spalt proudly shows the original painting used for the cover of the ‘Reflections from La Herradura’ book that he won in a raffle. For more example of Nico’s work visit his website:

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