Courgette fritters

2016-09-13-16-12-52  Ingredients

1 large or 2 small to medium sized courgettes

8 cloves of garlic

Chickpea flower

1 large or two small eggs



Olive oil

Vegetable oil for frying



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Wash and cut the courgettes into very thin slices, stack the slices and cut them into fine sticks.

Put in a bowl and add some salt, leave for about 10 minutes then rinse, taste a piece and make sure it is not too salty, if so rinse a more.

Use the egg white of the egg(s) and stiffen up with a hand or electrical mixer

Cut the garlic into chunks

Heat a good splash of olive oil in a frying pan and add the pieces of garlic

After a minute or so add some water and put the lid on the pan, make sure the garlic doesn’t burn but becomes soft.

When the garlic is soft mash it up with a fork.

Carefully add the garlic mix to the egg white mix, make sure to not over mix

Squeeze the water out of the courgette and mix with the egg white

Now add about 2 tablespoons of chickpea flower into the mix. You need a yoghurt type thickness of the batter, not too wet, but also not too dry. So if necessary you can add some more chickpea flower.

Heat the vegetable oil (if you want to check whether the oil is hot enough you can throw one or two drops of water into the hot oil, if it stops making noise the oil is hot)

Take a tablespoon and use it to take the courgette mix, one tablespoon is one fritter, and fry until golden brown.

It is a bit of work, but really worth it!


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