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To all artists on the Costa Tropical.


Flamenco al mar with watermarkWe are looking for artists who would like to appear with a short story and images of their work in and

We are looking for painters, sculptures, writers, musicians, actors, etc.

We intent to expand the visibility of these cultural webmagazines in order to attract more culture and art-loving people to our beautiful region.

If you are interested then please check out our webmagazine and click and read several of the artists’ stories that we have already included in the magazines.

Would you like to be part of this. Please send an email to and you will receive a questionnaire that you can use as a guide to write a short story about yourself. Who are you, where are you from, how long have you been an artist, etc. You will then write a story that is no longer than 300-350 words. Don’t forget to include your website, your facebook and at least 5 good photos that shows your art or your performance. If you write your story in English then please get it translated into Spanish and if you are writing your story in Spanish please get it translated into English and then send it to us with your photos. We would also like you to subscribe to our newsletter – which is Free of charge – , so you will receive weekly information about what’s happening in the area. When we have posted your story we will also add a link to this in the next newsletter.

Aurora (AA Uriels feminine counterpart)-70x90cm watermarkIn order to attract more people to the cultural magazines we need to spread the word and once you feature on the site we kindly ask you to regularly share a link to the site and follow us on Facebook. It would be grately appreciate if you can simply share our Facebook updates on your Facebook page for example. This will have a positive effect on all of us as we will all become more visible!

If you would like to become a guest writer you are very welcome too, however the only request is to please send us your article or your poem both in Spanish and in English. Every new article is always mentioned in the next newsletter.

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