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San Jose starting this week!

16251633_10209375615770746_8568461373395853282_oLa Herradura is in full preparation to celebrate San Jose. The festivities will begin on Thursday 16th and runs until Sunday 19th of this month.

They will be four intense days of festivities both for residents and visitors.

The festive lights are already in place and the big celebration tent has been set up in the Plaza de la Independencia. There will be plenty to do and see for the young and the old, music, dance performances, horse shows, a paddle tennis tournement and table-tennis and tennis tournements and even een exhibition of falconry in the Civic centre.

There will be the usual big bangs of fireworks in the mornings and afternoons to announce the festivities on a daily basis, and on Saturday night a big fire work displays with lots of very loud bangs. Wonderful to see but very scary for our furry friends, so if you have pets please make sure they cannot escape.

Below the programme:

Thursday 16 March

10:30 h. Prize ceremony for the children’s literary contest “Virana” XI edition. Auditorio Centro Cívico.
11:00h. Happy wake-up music with the Charanga 500 brass band.
11:30h. Inauguration of a fotography exhibition:  “La Herradura, un sentimiento”.  Mercado Municipal.
13:00h. Inauguration of the Feria de Día with DJ Spiry.  C/ Eucalipto, Corte de Cinta y Venenciador.
17:00h. Free cinema. Children¡s film.   Auditorio Centro Cívico
18:00h. First part of the Pádel competition in Las Palomas.
21:15h. Collection of lucky lamps to be light at the moment the festive lighting is switched on.
21:30h. Inauguration of the fair and the festival lights are lit at the entrance of the fair. Children’s parades with animation and gifts for the very little ones.
23:00 h. Party time in the plaza with the band TENTACIÓN Y AL ALBA”

Friday, 17  March
10:00h. Celebrational wake up music by Charanga Sopor.
12:00h. family bycicle route, entire families may join. Startin from the Plaza de la Independencia.  (Subscribe for free by email:  or go to the Centro Cívico to subscribe)
13:00h. Feria de día opened by DJ Spiry.  C/ Eucalipto
13:15h. Broadcast of the festivities by radio Bahía FM  (Feria de día).
17:00h. Afternoon snack for adults with flamenco singing by Pablo Escudero.  Prizes for couples that have been married for 50 years.
17:15h. Childrens celebrations with popular games in the square of the Centro Cívico.
17:30h. Falconry show in  the square of the Centro Cívico
18:00h. First phase of the Pádel tournement in Las Palomas in te Padel courts.
18:30h. Final of the ping-pong tournement in Las Palomas
19:00h. Final  of the tennis tournement in Club  Las Palomas
19:00h. Dance show on the plaza de la independencia by Pura Danza.
19:30h. Actuación de la escuela de baile “Sabor Andaluz”  Caseta oficial de fiestas.
20:30h. Dance show by  “HEART BREAKERS”    Official party tent on the plaza de Independencia.
23:00H. Popular music. Official party tent with  “TENTACIÓN y AL ALBA”

Saturday, 18 March

10:00h. Mathematics championship: Nacional de Matemáticas “THALES”.  Sala de Exposiciones Pepe Gámez.
11:00h. Happy wake-up music by La Charanga Calipso 2.0
11:30h. Aero modeling show : Aeromodelismo Radio Control.  Playa del Carbón.
13:00h. Start of the daily fair by DJ Spiry. C/ Eucalipto
15:45h. Giant puppets in the streets starting from the Centro Civico then they parade through the streets. Los Gigantes Y Cabezudos accompanied by la Charanga Calipso
16:00h. VII Mountain biking tour, starting from los Castillejos.
16:00h. Traditional  ‘corrida de cintas’ with horses in calle Real.  Accompanied by Charanga Calipso 2.0. and the giant puppets Gigantes y  Cabezudos.
17:00h. Humour Amarillo. Plaza de toros portátil. Ubicada en Peña Parda
18:00h. Floral event. starting from the Centro Cívico with choir singing. People are invited to wear their flamenco dresses.
18:00h. Second phase of the Pádel Las Palomas tournement. Municipal Pádel court
20:00h. Aerobic and pilates performance in the official party tent.
21:00h. Martial art show in the official party tent.
22:00h. Big firework display with music on the beach.
23:00h. Popular music. Official party tent with the band “ TENTACIÓN y AL ALBA”.

Sunday, 19 March

08:00h. Fishing competition in the La Herradura Bay. Subscription possible in Deportes Tempo till Friday 17 marzo.
09.00h. Chimes from the San José church in honour of the Patron Saint San Jose.
11:00h. Happy waking up with brass band “SI O QUE”.
12:00h. Holy mass in honour of the patron saint San José,  with choir singing by “Bahía de La Herradura”.
12:00h. Football. Match of the senior league Primera Andaluza between P.D. La Herradura and Churriana. Estadio Las Tejas stadium
12:30h. Concert in the plaza de la iglesia by Banda Histórica  Municipal de Almuñécar.
12:45h. Big equestrian show. Plaza de toros. Peña Parda
13:00h. Feria de Día opening of the fair by DJ Spiry. C/ Eucalipto
14:00h. Final  pádel Las Palomas tournement. Municipal Pádel courts
16:30h. Horse riding competition doma de Caballos, Plaza de Toros portátil (next to hotel Peña Parda)  Subscriptions from 15:30h in la Plaza de Toros
20:00h. Solemn procession in honour of the patron saint San José, accompanied by  Banda de Tambores y Cornetas de  Nuestro Padre Jesús de la Sentencia de Almuñécar.
20:30h.  Flamenca show by Manuel Cribaño and Nazaret Compaz. ‘Se llama copla’.
23:00h. Festivities in the official party tent with AL ALBA
00:00h. End of the Festival.

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