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A pretty smile goes straight to the heart and, as they say, can open many doors. It makes you feel great when you can share your nice smile with others. In Clinica del Mar we can arrange this for you in more than one way. In addition to dental and cosmetic health, we also offer comprehensive health care with a wide range of services.

So, who are the people behind Clínica del Mar?

Mónica Minutella, the general manager and Sergio Marchesotti, the CEO of Clínica del Mar, came to Spain, Gaudencio García JaulínGranada, where Mónica worked as a dentist for several years in addition to continuing her training at the University of Granada among others. They discovered La Herradura during a trip to the coast and decided to make it their home. More than 18 years ago they opened the doors of Clínica del Mar.

For more than 30 years Mónica has worked with and managed teams. She is specialized in several fields and now has more than one-hundred titles and two masters from recognized European universities to her name.

A lot of people have discovered her excellent skills and have become loyal patients who travel from far so that Mónica will solve their dental problems. Thanks to all this experience and her eagerness to impart and teach her knowledge she also trains other dentists. She has given and continues to organize oral surgery courses. Her passion for this specialty has completely taken over her life.

Gaudencio García JaulínHealth Geo programme, is a programme of activities which Clínica del Mar is very proud of. This HGP was created for non-residents and coordinates everything you need to get to La Herradura, for your stay and to return home with the best dental results. Technological advances make it possible to treat patients who come to La Herradura for a specific dental procedure which can be done in a day or a week (depending on the case). Information is collected and studied in the form of tests taken in the patient’s hometown, this arrives at the clinic’s team for a first diagnosis. This diagnosis will then be discussed during a video chat (Skype) where the client will receive the results, can ask questions and will be able to see their personal 3D models to make sure there are no doubts before organizing a trip to Spain.

The ‘Diseño de Sonrisa Digital’, (Digital Smile Design), consists of a digital examination with photos, videos, interviews and 3D models. It creates a functional and esthetic provisional model that will be placed in the patient’s mouth so that they can see the result. We can then say “This is what your smile will look like, this is what we’re going to do” The patient will be able to feel it in his or her mouth, speak, laugh and feel happy about how their smile will be in the near future.  Gaudencio García Jaulín

Something to take into account, which certainly is important, is that the treatment is more economical in Spain than in other European countries, preserving a high standard of quality and at the same time, offering you the possibility to enjoy a great holiday in a beautiful village in southern Spain.

Gaudencio García JaulínMassage treatments

Perfect for improving your wellbeing.

Acupuncture and NaturopathyGaudencio García Jaulín

Tina Hausser, a naturopathic doctor, also offers acupuncture and is practicing this ancient method where fine needles are inserted into specific points of the body which, amongst other benefits, restores the circulation of natural energy.

concept skincare. Skin of beauty young woman before and after the procedure

Facial and Body Rejuvenation

When your look younger you feel younger!

belly-2473_640 At Clínica del Mar they speak many different languages such as English, German, French, Italian and, of course, Spanish. y

For appointments: + 34 958 82 79 29

WhatsApp: + 34 609 717 703

Gaudencio García Jaulín

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