Easy asparagus soup

IMG_20170704_132220 (1)_optDo you also love those green asparagus that you don’t have to peel? But what to do with that bottom bit after you snapped the top bit to prepare for your meal? You could make this super simple asparagus soup.


left over halves of asparagus (you can of course also use the whole asparagus)

a jar with asparagus in water

half of a small to medium size onion

IMG_20170704_124122 (1)_optpinch of sea salt

some pepper

some curry powder

pinch of cumin

Olive oil


IMG_20170704_124157 (2)_optPut some olive oil in the pan and when hot add the chopped onion, the salt, pepper, cumin and the curry powder. Stir for a little and add the bottoms of asparagus (do cut off the very bottom bit as this will be dry). Stir or IMG_20170704_124642 (1)_opta little and then add some water, just covering the asparagus and onion. After about 5 mins add content of the jar of asparagus, including the liquid. This is a bit salty so therefore you only needed a pinch of salt. Boil for another 5 minutes or so and then blend with a hand blender.

Buen Appetit.

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