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Monthly astrology forecast – June 2018

Monthly forecast June 2018

In the mysterious starry sky, the identity of the Sun has reached the airy Gemini and the slowness of the Taurus constellation has disappeared. There is mobility, in which contacts and communication play a major role.
If you find yourself in need of further development and that you no longer want or can postpone a choice in a certain direction, follow the feeling. Every form of information and knowledge is more than welcome! The hunger of the Solarpower in Gemini will never be satisfied and brings you everything you need from the Star dust.
Take a moment to tune in to the versatility of Gemini. Especially when new project developments are at your doorstep and you might even sign business contracts. Trade in general flows very smoothly, in which the advantages of 'The Bright site of Life' benefit all parties.

Gemini encourages you to start a new development which will bring the right people on your path. Gemini has a great need for impressions, which they eagerly absorb, to come back to later in a conversation with someone. Make sure you do not spread yourself too thin because of your enthusiasm! Mercurius will also move through Gemini until June 12th, which is great for the slow starters among us, but the ‘bouncing ball effect’ considerably increases. If this small, moving planet then switches to the softness of Cancer, there will be more peace and your sensitivity layers will be affected. Emotional thinking will start. So do not be surprised if, through the invigorating and humorous energy of Gemini, you might be waving away something rather quickly, whereas another person can get stuck in emotion.

Venus also makes the transition from the Cancer constellation to the wild manes of Leo on 13 June. Vulnerability and being withdrawn will give way to a desire for attention, playfulness and being seen. A beautiful creative period, where affinity and connecting with art and culture will be prominent. The Moon will reach its New Moon Phase in the versatility of Gemini and offers you everything in order to plant new seeds! However, keep focusing your attention to avoid spreading yourself too thin.

On June 26, the small red planet Mars moves from the Aquarius constellation into the so-called ‘retrograde’ movement and this time for a good 9 weeks, until 27 August. This will bring a lot of challenges. There is an inner training and deepening waiting for you especially to develop a friendship with yourself. This, regardless of what others think of it. You will be influenced by old memories and experiences. Remaining faithful to yourself is important, do not put yourslelf down. Mind you, these developments happen to your partner and immediate environment as well. As a result, everyone has to rely on themselves.

When Mars returns to the stern, but fair Capricorn on August 13, you will be invited to remain faithful to your inner authority. Stay in your core. This is a great challenge for the perfectionists among us. Meditation, Tai Chi, Yoga, Silent walks etc. offer you the peace, the overview and the insights. What’s more, Mars also gets the speed out of the air and that is of course great with the summer temperatures at their highest!

Focus from the outside to your inner world. There you will find the most beautiful Star dust!



The monthly astrological forecast is written by astrologer Sandra Jansen van Galen.

Sandra is collaborating with artist and writer Renate van Nijen, the initiator of La Herradura Cultural). Renate has created a series of horoscope mandalas, which you can purchase as postcards or posters from her RenartsWorld shop, or you can purchase them on t-shirts. You can even bring your favourite t-shirt and get your horoscope printed on there. Read more about this in Horoscope t-shirts in La Herradura. Renate also wrote the book ‘Feeling better with astrology’ in collaboration with Sandra. You can purchase this little book from Amazon.

About Sandra In the year 1998 Sandra started the professional training for practical and psychological / Jungian astrology. Since 2005, Sandra has been recognized as a practicing astrologer and has worked in the professional sector. Over the years she has further developed herself, so that spiritual astrology (astrology for the soul) has also become an essential part of her work. Sandra is passionate about her profession. She has her practice in The Netherlands and her website is only in the Dutch language, however, she does offer verbal astrology sessions via Skype in English.

Some of the possibilities: Exclusive personal horoscope, includes a very comprehensive and in-depth conversation, in which Sandra takes you step by step into the depths of discovery, to get to know yourself better. Topics such as: emotional needs, how do you communicate and what do you need, relationships, study and career opportunities, creative talents, characteristics, etc. are discussed in detail.

Solaar – Year horoscope Which areas require specific attention and what are the challenges, what can you expect during your new 12-month cycle, which starts around your birthday? The Solaar prognosis offers a special and very personal astrological preparation and gives the opportunity to stretch during possible changes and situations, which become important to the person concerned. Tools will be provided to maximize your life.

Relationship horoscope A unique method to investigate the nature and circumstances of relationships, both private and in the field of business . Surprising discoveries and clear insights offer opportunities for new paths. An often surprising and especially eye-expanding method.

Contact Sandra:

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