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Angel Galdo is one of our guest writers who will regularly post on our La Herradura-cultural website.

A fisherman’s village

La Herradura has been a fisherman’s village for many, many years, but not just that, It was at the same time an agricultural village and there where even...

Be part of a unique event

The Amigos de La Herradura Association, founded in 1992, invites everyone to an act of presentation of a project in the Civic Center of La Herradura which, in...

Argaric finds

An Argaric earthenware pitcher of about 4,000 years old that was found in Murcia. The spout is missing but you can still see its function of containing refresh...

The most ancient residents in La Herradura

The most ancient residents in La Herradura is perhaps the common Chameleon, Chamaeleo chamaeleon, who we know was already part the Phoenician, the South and...

Pirates in La Herradura

The Bay of La Herradura has been a place of sailors and fishermen for centuries due to its shape and orientation, which protects waters from the pounding...

Sat, an illustrious name / Angel Galdo

The river becomes a track in the summer
I don’t pretend to be an expert because I am not but I would like to share my interest in the mystery involved in...

Dried Octopus

One of the most peculiar things to see in La Herradura during the forties and the fifties was people drying octopuses out in the open in the full sun. They...

The past has a future

My name is Angel Galdo Jr., I live in La Herradura. I am a retired journalist and I know Renate through her magnificent book “Reflections from La...

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